Many advanced Western countries have founded a standard system in order to evaluate a person ability and skills in different labour sectors.
Our goal is to promote a similar standard system in Israel for foreign and local workers.

Through our diverse and experienced team of staff we strive to provide the best education according to the requirements and needs of the industry.

We will work directly with you (Employers / Professional staff / Employees) to find the best solution for you based on the industry needs, the employer’s requirements and the employee’s current level of education, language skills and experience within the chosen profession.

We believe training and education is the key for a change!

Change in your Life!

Avi-Ad Welfare services LTD was born out of years of experience in the nursing and social care field; with the increase in life expectancy also increased the need for caregivers. Unfortunately we realized that many of the caregivers arriving to Israel had no prior training or orientation to the nursing and social care field. And so, they are drawn to an intensive and wearing job around the clock.

Therefore we founded a school in cooperation with the learning company Pearson that would train and consult caregivers. The school was designed in such a way that will answer several needs. First, it will provide the students (the foreign caregiver) practical training in the nursing and social care field. Second, it will provide full support during the whole employment time. And finally, the employing family will receive a skilled worker, with the capability to handle all types of nursing jobs, while getting a constant support and training.

Pearson is the world’s leading learning company, with connection in more than 80 countries around the world. The company provides learning materials, places of learning, technologies, assessments and services to teachers, professionals and students in order to help people aim higher and fulfil their true potential.