Illegal Caregivers in Israel

Illegal Caregivers in Israel

  There are approximatively 12.000 illegal caregivers in Israel according to the Ministry of Interior statistics for 2015. Being illegal involves a high level of stress and risks as the caregiver is not entitled to get a job and doesn’t have any protection because of his status in Israel. Life becomes quite hard for illegal caregivers as anytime they can be picked up from the streets by the immigration officers and sent immediately back to their home country. Leaving with this fear is not easy but many caregivers take their chance and sacrifice in order to keep helping and supporting their families back home.  People that are trapped in these situations don’t have too many future perspectives here in Israel but they can arrange a future career within another country and leave Israel in order to organize their life in a better way. Our company can offer such a chance to all the caregivers that are in this situation. If you are one of these caregivers the following information might change your life. It takes a small step to try and requires a strong will to stop feeling afraid, hunted or guilty for the fact that you are illegal.

We are offering you the possibility in a short time to prepare yourself for a new life, for a new beginning in a different country. It involves a short preparation here in Israel by studying an internationally recognized Pearson, BTEC course in Health and Social Care field based on your actual and previous experience as a caregiver here in Israel and after completing this course to decide which country you would like to go by doing a fully legal process.

More than that in order for you to see how this works, we are offering you to do the introduction and the first unit of our course for free by using online learning from your location. The course is delivered online and you don’t have to travel anywhere, just you need to be connected to internet and have a laptop or even a smart phone available.

We ensure our candidates with full confidentiality of their personal details and status over the duration of their application within our company.

BTEC Diplomas in Health and Social Care are vocational and international qualifications that will help you to apply for work permits, immigration permits and student visas in over 100 countries. The BTEC Diplomas will also get you better salaries and allow progression to become a Practical Nurse, Social Worker or Care Home Manager in countries like UK, Canada or Australia.

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