Professional Development Through Level 4&5 in Health and Social Care

Hello to everyone!

It is me, Maria your coordinator for BTEC Level 4 & 5 Higher National Diploma in Health and Social Care program. I would like to have your attention […]

By | 31, March 2016|

Caregivers In Israel

The caregivers phenomenon in Israel is very wide and in a certain way unique which is not similar to what is going on in other countries around the world. In […]

By | 7, March 2016|

Caregivers Overview

The world’s population is getting older. However, the discovery of advanced medical technologies allows people to prolong life nowadays. This leads to create a new demand for a profession that […]

By | 7, February 2016|

What is the difference between an immigration country and non immigration country?

After exploring and reviewing the most desired destination for immigration it is the time to ask ourselves where do we wish to immigrate to? or maybe what is the best […]

By | 26, January 2016|

Where do people migrate?

As discussed on previous articles, there are many reasons why people immigrate to different countries. Many of them are drawn to get better benefits in many different aspects of living. […]

By | 10, January 2016|

What are the types of immigration?

Now that we understood and explored the factors that lead people to migrate to other countries, several  questions arise – how do they do it? what are the possible types […]

By | 3, January 2016|

Why do people immigrate?

People migrate for all sorts of reasons – some of the reasons are positive and some are negative. People can be pushed to move to others country due to undesirable […]

By | 28, December 2015|

Story About Success

The following article is about an inspirational case story, a story of success about a foreign caregiver and an elderly couple. Through this story you can see how Avi-Ad Welfare […]

By | 24, November 2015|

Something about caregiving and the future it holds….

Hello to everyone,

My name is Maria and I am a social worker and consultant at Avi-Ad Training Centre in Tel Aviv. I would like to address the following text to […]

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