As discussed on previous articles, there are many reasons why people immigrate to different countries. Many of them are drawn to get better benefits in many different aspects of living. They are encouraged to move due to the welfare programs offered by more affluent countries as well as to entrepreneurial opportunities and better employment.  Some are attracted by freedom, culture richness and abundant resources of their country of destination. Others are relocating to join their family or relatives. Basically people leave their home country and choose to move in different countries depending on their reason and purpose of migrating. There are popular destinations of countries among migrants, majority of these nations are well-developed, with boosting economies that provide enticing employment prospects. Some of these countries have open doors welcoming migrants but some are less accommodating.   

Four of these countries are predominantly English Speaking societies which are mainly in the Western part of the world. Though not all of the countries supports and facilitate immigration. There are some who are decreasing the flow of migrants in their country by imposing strict rules and longer waiting time. On the other hand, some countries are actively increasing and aiming high to bring more highly-skilled workers and people who are in demand to help boost the human workforce and other factors. Despite the social and political challenges still there are prominent countries which are the most popular destinations for the migrants.

Here are 10 of the Most Popular Countries For Immigration:

  1. United States of America – Now USA has 45.8 million immigrants, it is still the number one immigration destination in the world and one of the most diverse countries on earth that hosts almost 20% of the world’s migrants. Mexicans makes up the vast majority of immigrants followed by Philippines, Chinese and so on.
  2. Russia – The largest country in the world, has a population of 143 million and 11.0 million of it is composed of migrants. Russia remains to have the biggest economies in terms of GDP and continues to launch programs to attract more immigrants.
  3. Germany –  It is one of the most popular country in the European Union with the 4th  largest boosting economy in the world. Germany has 9.8 million immigrants out of 80.5 million residents it has and still continuing to invite migrants to cover up the low birth rates and aging people.
  4. Saudi Arabia – It has a total population  of 29.1 million and almost a 3rd of it are immigrants in figures of 9.1 million. The influx of migrants has risen rapidly by 24.3 %  in recent years giving the country’s government an option to step back, capping the amount of foreign workers and build barriers among its borders.
  5. United Arab Emirates – It has the higher proportion of migrants than any other part of the world with it’s total population of 83.7 % and majority of it hails from abroad. The oil-rich countries attracts many immigrants with astounding figure of 7.8 million.
  6. United Kingdom –It has the 6th largest economy in the world and generally known for high quality of life. 12.4% of its total population which is 64 million is composed of immigrants with a total number of 7.8 million recently and the level of migration continues to increase every year.  
  7. France – It’s total population is roughly 65 million and the largest country in European Union that ranks very highly internationally in terms of living, education and many factors that attracts more immigrants. Every year it is accepting 200,000 legal migrants as well as asylum seekers and now it is composed of 7.4 million migrants according to recent report.
  8. Canada – Over a fifth of its total population of 35 million comprises of international migrants which is now in 7.3 million figure. Canada is the 2nd largest country in the world and in the 8th position of having highest capita income globally.  
  9. Australia – Around a quarter of its total population of 23.4 million were born outside the country. It is the only developed nation which was not affected when recession happened in every part of the world and now it has 6.5 million immigrants.
  10. Spain –It is the 2nd largest country in the European Union which has a total population of 46.7 million and 12% of whom are foreign born which has the entire 6.5 million. Due to its geographical location and easily breached border some were able to enter illegally but for some people entering legally it is a retirement destination due to its warm weather and picturesque beaches.

These are the top destination countries which the immigrants choose to enter and start building a good life.  As we can see from the information given above people from different parts of the world migrate for different reasons. They choose the best country in which they can possibly achieve for  what they are aiming and  living a good life.