People migrate for all sorts of reasons – some of the reasons are positive and some are negative. People can be pushed to move to others country due to undesirable factors. while others choose to do so due to good and desirable factors.

Factors to immigration

Moving to a greater country to find better quality of life is under social migration. Some people tend to leave their own country due to lack of good services and poor quality of life. People would like to experience best qualities of life in the world as well as for their growing family.  Others are also considering to move where their family or relatives is currently residing which is popular as what we called family reunification.

People move to seek top quality education and better career opportunities which aren’t available in their home country while others want to experience the thrill of living in a new place. In most of the cases, people migrate in hope to find better and more job opportunities as well as prospects for career development which falls under economic migration.  As they know well developed countries offers numerous countless job opportunities and having the view for unlimited potential and personal growth opportunities. Most of the people are encouraged to move due to the economic performance of a certain country which has a fast growing; modern, industrialized nation that provides outstanding trades for businessmen or investors. For some immigrants putting their family first is more important so the choose a country that offers most supporting social assistance program and social benefits for immigrants and their families.

On the negative part people tend to leave their country for safe and security (refugees). People often migrate to avoid persecution in their home country whether it happened in the past or might happen in the future. They are trying to escape conflicts, violence, war and other social and political problem of their home country which falls under political migration. While others are trying to find refuge after being displaced due to environmental factors such as earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters most people affected are the poor ones in this situations that drags them more to poverty.

So as we can see there many reasons that contributed to the recent movement of people from their home country to the better ones. Some people are drawn to the new place’s “pull factors”, while others find it difficult to remain in the country and decides to migrate because of the “push factors. The flow of migrants in different countries rapidly changes over the years.